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'it's all make believe, isn't it?'


this year i found myself designing prints for a young ladies label Shilla and their new label Lola Vs Harper
I also did a series a fashion illustrations for them which can be found on their website complimenting the cute clothes.
be sure to check out the latest collection - the whole world's a circus - which was styled by me :D

Body of Work 2006

a look back to some of my older work, these are 3 of the 10 large mixed media paintings i submitted for my visual arts body of work (charcoal, watercolour, soft pastels and acrylic paint on hot press paper). my art has changed in many ways since then but i would love to return to the intensity and emotion of these images. this was a time when i painted for myself without worrying about the consequences, i took risks, painted nudes in a super conservative environment (where i was the nude model because no one would pose for me) and found much success with full marks from my school and was nominated for art express (but was not chosen because of the content of my work). Not just that, these really are a documentation of my past, these paintings show my coming of age. they are highly emotional and mean the world to me.

Final Year Fashion Student

It has been a while since i have taken the time to sit and think about my blog, i dont want it to be about nothing. So i will be using it as more of a visual scrap book about how i feel about the world and specifically about how i am using inspiration in my work. I will be beginning my final year as a fashion student at uts. I am excited about creating my 6 look collection for the runway. so far i have decided it will be a textile/womenswear collection- highly tactile, detailed and rich in layers. As i am a conceptual thinker i will be putting much thought into the inspiration


some fashion blogs i follow

both of the girls are gorgeous, their styles are not super on trend but more about their own personalities and look. I love them both


it's like my drawings emerged out of the canvases and started playing with eachother

i am constantly browsing, but i always forget to keep a reference of where i find gorgeous images like this

JPG lingerie!!!!!!!!!!!

if only i could win the lotto, or find cash hidden under my bed. i need a cash stash.
because Gaultier is now doing a lingerie line with la perla... its like the gods are uniting to give me a massive heart attack,
and as u can see by these images, i am not exaggerating.......